Esoterics reveal previously unknown facts about cats

Esoterics reveal previously unknown facts about cats

2016 12 16

The cat is one of the most magical creatures on earth. Its aura is so large that it can spread not only over one particular person, but their family, home and the whole territory that the cat deems its own, says Roma Viciene, founder of the project “Moonlight: Cartomancy” (lit. “Mėnesiena: Būrimas kortomis”).


This means that you should pay attention to a cat that’s bunting you - the animal is not only showing their affection or trying to get a treat from you, he is also sharing his magical, astral energy with you. People who push the cat aside, saying “go away, I don’t need your affection”, are declining the positive energy that the cat wanted to share with them. And the cat won’t try to share their astral energy with them again, and might even take it from the person, who rejected him before.

Cats not only protect their homes from evil spirits, preventing them from entering the territory that is sacred for the cat, but also expels any evil spirits, if they are present in the home. This is especially important to those who are moving into a house that had previous residents.

When a cat locates an evil spirit in the home, she monitors it at first, trying to foresee its intentions. Once the cat is sure that this astral creature is posing a risk to its territory, the cat tries to expel it by enlarging his energy field. If that doesn’t work, the cat somewhat consumes the evil spirit and takes it away from the home. This is where the myths about an evil spirit riding a cat come from. So, if you see your cat sitting very still and watching something even though there seems to be nothing there, know that there is an evil spirit there, and help your cat get rid of it. Say a prayer in that spot or do a cleansing ritual. If you don’t know any prayers or cleansing rituals, at least burn some wormwood in the place your cat is watching. Wormwood is a very powerful tool that eliminates negative energy.

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Astral abilities of the cat are so strong that he can easily rid his home of a ghost or an astral body of a dead person. This is why it’s not recommended to have a cat in a room where a mage is performing a spiritual seance, since the cat can scare off the astral creatures the mage is summoning. However, the presence of a cat is highly desirable in some magical rituals. A cat’s presence can also protect you from any type of an evil eye. To protect yourself from someone’s bad intentions, you should hold a cat in your hands, pet his mane with your left hand and his tail with your right hand when interacting with the person whom you suspect of having evil intentions towards you. This way you will be in full contact with the animal, and your energy fields will merge. This can help withstand a very strong energy blast from a witch or a mage.

Since cats are conductors of the cosmic energy, they attract the energies that add to the success and wellbeing of the whole household. Cats enjoy spending their time where the stream of energy is the strongest, otherwise known as geopathogenic zones, and mostly choose the spots where the negative energy is the strongest. People who know these traits of a cat, employ this animal in cleansing the home from negative vibrations. In this case, the cat works kind of like a vacuum cleaner, converting the negative energy into positive.

This can be compared to trees - they transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen, and cats do the same, except on an energetic level. This is based on cats having a negative charge of their bioenergetic field.

There is a reason for this old custom that says that when moving into a new home a cat should be let into the home first. If the house is old, the cat takes away the negative energy left behind by the previous owners of the house. If the house is new, it requires a “ransom” - a strong energetic charge that can be given by the cat.

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