Goddess Bastet

Bastet – was a combination of a saint cat and a woman. In Ancient Egypt, Bastet represented joy and fun. The cat was a saint animal, worshiped and prayed for, and killing a cat brought huge disfavor, which was punishable by death. Cats with multiple-colored fur or two different eyes were worshipped even more.

The love and fascination for cats extends to our days. How can someone not love these beautiful creatures, that bring so much joy to our homes? It's so fun to watch a kitten playing, to stroke his soft fur, or just to feel him sleeping peacefully by your side. Lordcoon*LT cattery has witnessed this and much more. We have years of experience in breeding Maine Coons, and hope that the goddess’ assistance and our infinite love for cats will allow us to continue to work successfully, and enable us to offer you the best Maine Coons.

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