Lordcoon*LT Freddy

2022 08 22

Meet LORDCOON*LT FREDDY, a majestic Maine Coon with the color MCO n 22 - a striking black with a classic marble pattern, born on the 22nd of August, 2022. Freddy is a proud product of our kennel, inheriting an illustrious family tree and noble bloodlines from both of his parents. He possesses a remarkable show temperament, characterized by a strong and lengthy body, thick legs, and an impressively long tail. His head is perfectly shaped with high-standing ears, adorned with elegant long hair brushes. Freddy's profile is exceptional, and his coat is soft, silky, and beautifully patterned.

FREDDY's grace and elegance as a Maine Coon are unparalleled, and his character is as gentle and friendly as they come. His family tree is nothing short of spectacular. Hailing from the Italian kennel SURYA MAINE COON, a leader in world cat shows, his lineage includes winners of world exhibitions WW' 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Notably, his great-great-grandfather's mother, Felixcoon Odissea, was a world champion in WW'2008. The great-great-grandfather's sister, SURYA MAINE COON Bonita, clinched the WW'2010 World Champion title. Furthermore, his great-great-grandfather fathered JWSuryamainecoon Pablo Escobar, a three-time world champion in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

In his own right, LORDCOON*LT FREDDY has already begun making waves in the international cat show arena. He participated in the International Cat Show in Lithuania, Kaunas, at the Spring Show 2023 on March 11th and 12th. In the kittens 4-7 months category, he achieved 2EX1, BIV, and 2NOM BIS. Freddy's showmanship is outstanding, and he consistently receives extremely high marks from judges, often being celebrated as the most beautiful cat and the best of his type (BIV, NOM BIS).inėse kačių parodose, o teisėjai jį vertina itin aukštais balais kaip gražiausią katiną geriausią pagal tipą (BIV, NOM BIS).

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