International Cat Show Adazi'2014 in Latvia

International Cat Show Adazi'2014 in Latvia

2014 10 08

2014 09 27/28 a wonderful weekend and a wonderful international FIFe cat show ADAZI'2014 in Latvia!
Kitties - graduates of our cattery Lordcoon*LT achieved wonderful results during this show and were highly evaluated by the judges.

Kitty NW'13 SP Lordcoon*LT Gypsy White was awarded a honorable title “SUPREME PREMIOR“.

1st day - Nom BiS, BEST IN SHOW

2nd day - Nom BiS, BEST IN SHOW

Cat NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke

1st day - CAGCIB, Nom Bis

2nd day - CAGCIB, Nom Bis

At this show, visitors could vote and choose the most beautiful cat of the show ADAZI'2014. Our male NW'13 IC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke collected the biggest amount of the votes and gained the honorable "Visitor’s choice" award and was named the most beautiful cat in the show.

Kitty Lordcoon*LT Otthilde Blink Arrow

1st day - EX1, CAC, BIV, Nom Bis

2nd day - EX1, CAC, BIV

Thanks a lot to Angela Fomiceva for the perfect presentation and amazing result of the kitty - graduate of our cattery - white princes NW'13 SP Lordcoon*LT Gypsy White, also big thanks to all the organizers of that show ADAZI'2014 and to the judges for their wonderful evaluations!

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