International Cat Show Klaipeda‘2015

International Cat Show Klaipeda‘2015

2015 10 29

Amazing FIFe show weekend Klaipeda'2015 in Klaipeda 2015 10 03/04, Lithuania! Big thanks to all the organizers of that wonderful show!

Results of our cattery Lordcoon*LT in the show:

Coco Chantelle White Luxury*BY - 2x EX2, (Thanks Oksana and Vladimir for this nice girl!)

Lordcoon*LT Selena Silver- 2xCACIB, 1x Nom Bis (Thanks Daiga and Andris for the nice presentations of this wonderful girl!)

Lordcoon*LT Zahra - 1x EX2, 1x EX1

Lordcoon*Saxon Silver – 2xCAC, BIV, Nom BIS

NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke – 2xCACS, 2x Nom Bis

Special thanks to Anzela Fomiceva (Family Value cattery), to Daiga and Andris, to Julia and Vadim, to Oksana and Vladimir (White Luxury*BY cattery), to Sergej for their support and friendship!

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