International cat show Saulkrasti‘2013

International cat show Saulkrasti‘2013

2013 06 17

2013 06 8/9 International cat show Saulkrasti‘2013

Over 230 cats of different breeds participated in this show. Our cats were awarded the most points during both days of this show. They and Lordcoon FI*Escape Xanni, who arrived to our cattery from Finland got 4 x BIV, 5 x Nom Bis, 3 x Best in Show!

1. International Premior LT*Lordcoon Gypsy

1 day - Nom Bis, Best Neuter

2 day - Nom Bis, Best Neuter

2. Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke

1 day - CAC, Nom Bis, Best in Show and got the title of the champion!

2 day - CACIB

3. SC Lordcoon*LT Benito Blink

1 day - HP

2 day - HP, BIV

4. Lordcoon*LT Fernando

1 day - CACIB, BIV

2 day - CACIB, BIV, Nom Bis

5. Lordcoon*LT Hester

1 day - EX2

2 day - EX2

6. Lordcoon*LT Irwin

1 day - CAC

2 day - CAC

7. FI*Escape Xanni

1 day - EX1, BIV

2 day - EX1, Nom Bis

We thank our friends from Lithuania and Latvia for their active participation in the international cat exhibition SAULKRASTI'2013, for excellent care and love for all our cats, and for that they are actively involved with these cats in international cat shows.

Congratulations to our kittens for these wonderful achievements!

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