International cats show - Ukraine, Harkov

International cats show - Ukraine, Harkov

2017 02 13

Our graduate - Lordcoon*LT lion King. D.O.B 2016 09 27. International cats show. Ukraine 2017 03 11/12 (WCF ring) - 2xEX1, 2x Nom Bis, 2xBest in Show. I would like to say thank you to Natalja for that she are very caring and actively participate in international exhibitions with this cat from our cattery.

The international cat show Harkov’2017 took place at 2017 02 04/05 in Harkov, Ukraine. Lion King Lordcoon*LT who was born in our cattery participated in this show (category kittens 4-7 months) and achieved excellent results!.


1st day - ЕХ1, BIV, Nom BiS.

2nd day - ЕХ1, BIV.

We’re thrilled about these achievements! Our thanks to Natalija for the wonderful presentation of our graduate!