The Best Lithuanian Cattery'2012

The Best Lithuanian Cattery'2012

2013 03 07

“Lithuanian TOP CAT’2012” was hosted on Saturday, 23 February, 2013. The best Lithuanian Cattery'2012 was determined in this show. The activity of our Cattery Lordcoon*LT was rated in a very high position. Cats bred in our cattery scored 16528 points! in various international cat shows around the world! (as evaluated by FIFe). Lordcoon*LT was rated as the best Lithuanian cattery and got the 1 place among all Lithuanian catteries (see more info).

Results „Lithuania Top Cat 2012“


No. Cattery name Owner Points
1 Lordcoon*LT Genadijus Movinas 16528
2 Amber Sun LT Audra Navikiene 14003
3 Agnus*LT Agne Laskyte 11867
4 Crafty Bengals*LT Natalja Zukhbaya 6284
5 Zydrasis Sirijus*LT Rasa Viliusiene 5121
6 Saulss Magija*LT Darius Kanapeckas 3563
7 Silkberry*LT Milda Udraite 2934
8 Bonibrit*LT Jolanta Dambrauskaite 1136
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