The Best Lithuanian Cattery'2013

The Best Lithuanian Cattery'2013

2014 03 05

On March 1st, 2014, TOP CAT‘2015 and The Best Lithuanian Cattery'2015 took place. Competitive score calculation and summary of results were announced. Lordcoon*LT was evaluated very well. Kittens bred in our cattery scored 16082 points in various international cat shows! Our cattery was awarded 2nd place among all 345 various Lithuanian catteries (more info here).

Our male IC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke also participated in the competition TOP CAT LITHUANIA 2013 and won the honorable 2nd place among all breeds, and the 1st place among adult Maine Coon males.


Place Cattery Owner Points
1 Amber Sun*LT Audra Navikiene 25926
2 Lordcoon*LT Genadijus Movinas 16082
3 Monoceros*LT Brigita Balciunaite 9839
4 Agnus*LT Agne Laskyte 8173
5 Bonibrit*LT Jolanta Dambrauskaite 7270
6 Stebuklas*LT Jelena Majauskiene 3960
7 Memel Naked*LT Vilma Balciuniene 2001

Adult male cats:

Place Cat / Cattery Breed / Color Owner Points
1 NW‘12 Louis XIV Le Roi Soleil Sim Sim*UA OSH d 02 21 Brigita Balciunaite 3387
2 LT*Lordcoon Grant Black Smoke MCO n 09 Genadijus Movinas 1958
3 Joy Agnus*LT CRX e Agne Laskyte 918
4 Baironas Aureola*LT SPHa Vilma Balciuniene 384

Formal evaluation of the work (evaluation by FIFE) of our Maine Coon cattery Lordcoon*LT in the years 2011-2013 and our most famous cats-graduates. According to the Lithuanian TOP CAT and Best Lithuanian Cattery competitive score calculation and summary of results, our cattery, among various Lithuanian catteries (in Lithuania registered over 340 catteries by FIFe) took:

2011 year 3 place

2012 year 1 place

2013 year 2 place

This is a very high score. It reflects our consistent and purposeful work.

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