The results reflects our consistent and purposeful work

Lithuanian top CAT‘2016 and the best Lithuanian Cattery'2016

On March 18th, 2017, TOP CAT‘2016 and The Best Lithuanian Cattery'2016 took place. Competitive score calculation and summary of results was announced.

Lordcoon*LT was evaluated very highly. Kittens bred in our cattery scored 4873 points (as awarded by FIFe) in various international cat shows, and our cattery was listed as 3rd among over 300 Lithuanian catteries of all breeds.

Our maine coon cattery Lordcoon*LT formal evaluation of the work 2011-2016 years according to the Lithuanian TOP CAT and Best Lithuanian Cattery competitive score calculation and summary of results, among all Lithuanian catteries our cattery took:

  • 2011 year 3 place
  • 2012 year 1 place
  • 2013 year 2 place
  • 2014 year 3 place
  • 2015 year 3 place
  • 2016 year 3 place

This is a very high score. It reflects our consistent and purposeful work.

The most famous cats who lives in our cattery

Male cat Memerico Arkiza*PL

Memerico Arkiza*PL arrived to our cattery in 2012 years. He has a unique pedigreefrom his father. Memerico’s father is one best cats in FIFe federation, because he has many awards from the Italian cattery “SURYA MAINE COON”. The best Maine Coon was born in this cattery, he won exhibitions - WW‘ 2008,2010,2011,2012. Memerico Arkiza*PL’s grandma Felixcoon Odissea is the champion of the world WW‘2008, the sister of his father Surya Maine Coon Bonita is the champion of the WW‘2010, his grandfather became the champion of world 3x, (2010, 2011, 2012m) - WW‘ 2010 ‘2011 ‘2012 “Surya Maine Coon” Pablo Escobar JW .

Thanks Monika for this wonderful and super noble cat..

Male cat IC Gacho Chrystal Of Baltcoon

This is the first Maine Coon cat who arrived to our cattery. Lordcoon*LT IC Gacho Chrystal Of Baltcoon is a really big cat, with a weight of 10 kg, has big feet and a long tail. This cat embodies the standards of the Maine Coon. breed. Wild nature, intellect and friendliness are the main Gacho character features.

Thanks Ausra for this amazing cat!

Male cat GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV

GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV – this male cat is of a rare white color and has an extreme type, and an amazing pedigree. His father is a champion of Europe (SUPRIM CHAMPION). GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV is an amazing male cat with very good breeding features. He shares his wonderful temperament and appearance with his kittens.

In 2011 GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV participated in an international cat show POZNAN‘2011 and took the first place among all white-colored Maine Coons. Now GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV has 7x nom BIS.

Thanks Sergej and Larisa for this wonderful cat..

Female cat IC Alwaro Blink Arrow

IC Alwaro Blink Arrow – all best features are reflected in this cat. Both of her parents are champions of the world. She looks amazing: extreme type of head, long body and tail. Also she has fine character features: lovely, attached to people, proud and graceful.

This cat is one the most famous female cats of our cattery – mom of our graduates. She shares her best features with her kittens. In 2011, IC Alwaro Blink Arrow participated in international cat show POZNAN‘2011 and was second best among turtle-colored Maine Coons. It is really high result, because only the best cats form all over the world participated in this show.

Now IC Alwaro Blink Arrow has: 4x BIV, 4x nom BIS, 2x Best in Show.

Thanks for this wonderful kitten, Katazina.

Maine Coon cattery Lordcoon*LT the most famous graduates

Male cat NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon* LT Grant Black Smoke

We would like to introduce a majestic male cat that was born our cattery. NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke was born on 2012 02 10 and we decided to keep him in our cattery.

In total, NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke has won 2 x BIV, 12x Bis Nom, 2 x Best in Show.

He participated in Lithuanian TOP CAT’2013 and was awarded as the second best cat among cats of all breeds, and was evaluated as the best adult male Maine Coon in the year 2013. He was also awarded a prestigious title of NATIONAL WINNER LITHUANIA’2013. In the year 2015 NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke participated in Lithuanian TOP CAT’2015