About Us

We are the founders of the cattery and we are true cat persons. All our lives we felt a special connection with cats and our fascination with cats grew every year. In 2008 we found the most wonderful breed – Maine Coons! This is a special breed, which is characterized as majestic, wild and smart. Influenced by this we decided to buy our breeding male cat - Gacho Christal of Baltcoon. Later, of course, we bought more Maine Coons...

In 2009 we had established an official Maine Coon cattery – Lordcoon. Now the cattery is a member of International Feline Association (FIFe) and Lithuanian felinologist "Bubastė” Association. Lordcoon was founded only a few years ago, but our cats can be found in many countries in Europe (Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Russia). In international cat shows they successfully represent the name of Lordcoon cattery. Most of the cats we have bred won BIV, NOM BIS, “Best in Show”, BOB in international cat shows. Inspired by the long list of achievements, we started to be very proud that we can work with this noble breed. We decided to set ourselves an objective – to give our pets the best conditions to grow healthy and let them explore their wild nature. Also, we give all of our effort to make Maine Coon breed more popular and we will give a chance to get healthy kittens with great genetics to everyone who love Maine Coons!

Genadijus and Ina

International recognition

Maine Coons from our cattery Lordcoon*LT continually participate in international cat shows and receive high class awards. Kittens from our cattery already live in: Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Ukraine.

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